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MyKFCExperience is a survey portal initiated by Kentucky Fried Chicken for their customer. The portal allows customers to provide feedback regarding the KFC performance through a survey. A user can get a chance to win KFC Go Cup for free if they participate in MyKFCExperience survey and give answers to the questionnaires. The reason why KFC is conducting such type of survey is to understand what user think about their services and food quality so that they could improve themselves and make the organization to far developing stage. Improving food quality and convenience services will help KFC to maintain good relationships with the customers consistently.

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To participate in MyKFCExperience, the user has to visit Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant and get the KFC receipt after billing.

About MyKFCExperience Survey

It takes around ten to fifteen minutes to complete the survey on My KFC Experience. Customers can visit the site and complete the surveys on The target of KFC is to provide maximum satisfaction to their customers and so they conduct the survey to understand the people's perception of their service and food quality. There are several questionnaires, which generally asked by KFC to the customers on their survey portal:
  • First section is all about food and its quality 
  • How good are the eatery and other service quality provided by the restaurants 
  • Whether the staff members or employees of KFC are responsible and behaving well with customer 
  • How accurate is KFC providing amount as per the order 
  • Knowing opinion about the cleanliness, security and payments 
  • Ask to pick up a particular restaurant apart from KFC including the intention to visit again 

MyKFCExperience surveys hold two types of questionnaire sections. The first part is close-ended questionnaires and second is open-ended ones allows a user to rate and write, respectively.

MyKFCExperience Terms and Conditions

Before participating on, we should know about the rules involved at first. Only the eligible ones can take part in the survey as customer survey is only a part of research reference of KFC Team. Therefore, feedback must be responsive enough to analyze the people behaviour towards the services. Here are some rules user need to go through before participating in MyKFCExperience survey:
  • There are fifty states in USA and the customer must be belonging to any of those states to participate in the survey 
  • The members who have officially crossed their eighteen years can only be participating in MyKFCExperience survey 
  • The coupon code which will be provided by KFC for a discount in restaurant visit have to be used within a week otherwise it will expire once crossed the deadline. 
  • Most importantly, the staff or employees who are working on KFC are not eligible to become the survey participants 

Things Required to Participate in Survey

Once you passed the eligibility criteria of a survey, now you need to prepare for the essential stuff that requires in the survey. Here are some essential things user need to accumulate before starting the survey:

  • KFC Receipt: You will have to input the KFC survey code to start the survey, which you will be given after purchase from KFC restaurant along with the bill. 
  • Language: You have to select either of one language English or Spanish according to your understanding to start the survey. 
  • Writing Tools: The coupon code, which you will get after the survey, will longer last for few minutes only. Here, a user has to be ready with pen or pencil so that once the coupon will appear on screen, you can write the code immediately.